Cleveland ROCKS!!!

2783 competed in the Buckeye Regional in Cleveland OH.  The team was ready to go early and was able to participate in numerous practice rounds.  Clyde was rocking and rolling towards a top 10 finish when potential disaster struck.  Clyde “collided” with the switch and busted apart the left wheel canoe along the weld.  We never thought in a million years a canoe would fail like this.  As a precaution the team had fabricated a spare canoe which we thought we would never have to use.  Amazingly our build/fab team was able to replace the canoe, get the robot reinspected, and actually make it to the practice field before out next match.  The team ended the competition in 5th place!  Unfortunately we once again ran up against the winning alliance in the quarterfinal.  We lost the first match, won the second and lost a thrilling heartbreaker in the third.  The team was devastated but we maintained our composure and our gracious professionalism throughout.  I could not have been more proud of the team and how they came together not only to fix Clyde but how they dealt with the loss in the quarter finals.  However the best was yet to come – as the awards ceremony was winding down and we were getting used to the idea that our season had come to an end the master of ceremonies was preparing to announce the Chairman’s Award for the Buckeye Regional.  As he continued to describe the community activities and the FLL tournament involvement it became clear we were the recipients of the award and we would be heading to Worlds after all!

As I was driving home I had time to reflect on the weekends events and realized what a great team and organization we have.  When you look at what our students have accomplished not only with their FRC competition but with the year round involvement in the community they are pretty amazing. Next stop – Worlds!  See you in Detroit for one more go!  WE ARE EOT!!

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